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Subject: Re: Keep me up-to-date

Dear Dr. W. Earle

Our experiment is now successful completed. I send you the full report as attachment.

As promised, my report contains an all-embracing description of our project. Unlike my report to Mr. Freudenstein I send you also complete data protocol of our observations of H.A.’s online activities. As I wrote you at the beginning of our experiment, H.A. was afflicted with Dissociative identity disorder (ICD-10: F44.8).

I am proud to inform you that your theories are proven now. For years I was passionate reader of your articles for “Alternative Psychiatry Studies Bulletin” and your monograph “The Power of Unconscious Involvement” belongs to my most readable books.

I haven’t reported to Mr. Freudenstein about a fact that the online anonym contacts weren’t really accidental. Actually I acted on your advice and provoked an intense involvation of some members of two ARG forums: Unfiction and Patmo. The constitution of a so-called “Alternate Reality Game” allows a total involvation in a project, even if the participators don’t know the backgrounds and take the project for a game. The nescience of the communicator parts – the forum members on the one hand and the split personalities on the other hand – permits us to build a perfect model of communicative co-existance, a “therapeutical network” (as you defined it in your works).

In our case the ARG players healed our reagent – even without knowing it.

Unfortunately, at the end of our experiment the reagent escaped, even if we succeed his mental recovery. I have all the reasons to fear to be fired by Mr. Freudenstein (you know his capricious nature). So I’m sorry to sound like an applicant, but if your Center for Alternative Psychiatric Studies offers some vacant posts, I would very appreciate. Concerning my situation I can say I am very flexible. So if it would be possible, I could immediately leave Germany and move to Washington to help you in your researches. I can also report you many interesting details about the research activity of Dr. Freudenstein, since I was all these years his personal assistant.

Thank you in advance,
Yours faithfully,
PD V. Versic


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about a frrriends

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yes, frrriends. lauscherhans seems to have some frrriends. hey, friends! why do you help our hero to perish?

what will you do without his holy presence?
illy, who will you inform about new hints after lauscherhans’ end? will it be eternity’s end? 😉
mrtoasty, whose codes will you crack?
sun78, merzmensch, natasuf and fishjp, who will you twitter with?
patmo, gina, morph, karen, who will you facebook from now? (what a beautiful verb “to facebook” hehe)
and other friends? whatcha gonna do? tell me, it is not a rhetorical question

you see btw, i know everything about his friends, i’m good observer!

i also have friends: ironic biomaster, informative xxx and mr. versic. do you know him? he is very smart person!

ok, joking apart. you will get new hints. soon. we will celebrate the end of lauscherhans!

boy, that’s funny!

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ha, look at this cool picture! that’s funny. our superhero lauscherhans is moving toward his own hades.

look at this beautiful composition: his darkening back is about to disappear in the gloominess behind the widely opened doors, which used to be closed once… the tower is swallowing his mingy figure like an abyss, gaping in the apocalyptic mist. isn’t it a masterpiece? ironic and horrible. proudly presented by mother fate.

this courageous fool is really bold enough. a little step for mankind, a last step for a man. (ok, not last, but also not least)

41 62 61 6e 64 6f 6e 20 68 6f 70 65 20 61 6c 6c 20 79 65 20 77 68 6f 20 65 6e 74 65 72 20 68 65 72 65

stairway to heaven

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ha! our hero is smart. ok, not really, because you – my dear friends – helped him a lot.

and here new clue. feel free to tell him about it. because this is the really first step to his complete destruction.

44 61 20 74 6a 70 20 67 6a 6a 66 20 79 7a 7a 6b 20 64 69 6f 6a 20 74 6a 70 6d 20 63 7a 76 6d 6f 2c 20 74 6a 70 20 63 76 71 7a 20 6f 6a 20 6d 76 64 6e 7a 20 6f 6a 20 63 7a 76 71 7a 69 2e 20 4d 7a 68 7a 68 77 7a 6d 3a 20 52 76 6f 78 63 20 6a 70 6f 20 61 6a 6d 20 63 7a 76 6d 6f 21

funny to look him disappearing, isn’t it?

hey players! let’s play!

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i was nice to him. i rescued him. and more: i tried to protect him from an inescapable danger. but he didn’t trust me. he stole my data, he cracked my codes, he is sniffling around. this hopeless fool…

he didn’t trust me, he trusted you, my precious anonymes. you play his patrons.

so let’s play. i help you to destroy him.

i’ll tell you the truth about him. you have just to understand me, hehe.

let’s go.

he told you, he were hunted. yes he is. friendly guys from an 466b70716671727162 are following them. and they can be very angry if you don’t do what they want.

and now tell him the first thing that will cause his destruction: the key from a tower is in…

not too easy, my friends. do you know this wonderful art of communication: i give you some numbers and you get the rest. in this way – and i won’t repeat it, so listen good to me – page line letter. so for example {8-1-1} is “h”… got it?

ok, here we go: the key from a tower is in the {9-1-5},{15-1-12},{6-1-3},{8-3-3},{9-4-2},{12-1-4}

let’s destroy his naive belief in this reality!

funny thing

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my dear comrados!

thank you a lot for your help with this damn password. xxx send it to me (thank you for a lot of commentars, ehm, i got it now, hehe, you can be sure about it) – and it was really easy, you know.


i hate myself not to get this one – especially because i have written about it on my own (you have right, biomaster). i have to read my own blog properly, haha!

anyway, our lauscherhans is sniffing around in my house! how do you like it? and – more! – he has betrayed me telling about my very privat thing.

so I also tell you about yours.

while lauscherhans was enjoyng the autumn sky of paris

his “target” was gone. yes, my dears, our bibliophile is cold-blooded (even more: poikilothermic) murder. and the funny thing was… oh, he’s coming here now. i have to erase a history in my browser – (think about it: me – owner of this pc – has to be careful!)…

mon dieu, how great it would be to erase a history, ha!

p.s. don’t ask me, why the raven is yellow. artistic freedom